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Here are a few examples of my work with Photoshop.


The first book was custom made for The Goodman Theatre's How to Catch Creation in 2019. The next two books were created for the Goodman Theatre's Rapture, Blister, Burn in 2015. The artwork on the covers are original designs done by me, and each book featured a picture of the actress who played the author. As characters read from the books' covers, the lines of dialogue were added as well. Finally, title pages were included. The Mexican Police Manuals were from 2666 in 2016, and the Norwegian school books are from Enemy of the People in 2018.


Period newspapers are a common occurrence in Theatre, and often times I add specific lines of dialogue onto the pages for the actor to read, and occasionally add pictures of the actors themselves.  The first few pictures are from the Goodman Theatre's Enemy of the People, which takes place in Norway. Hence, period newspapers in Norwegian were needed. 


The first map was made for the Goodman Theatre's production of Brigadoon in 2014. It was hand drawn on vinyl paper and it's layout was specific to its description in the script. The following three maps were made for the Goodman Theatre's  production of Uncle Vanya in 2017. The maps show the progression of deforestation in the area in which the play takes place. Not only did I make them as they were described in the script, but I also got to work closely with the actor, Marton Csokas, to make the maps to his specifications. The Blueprint are supposed to be the Waterworks of the town of Sandikedal, Norway, circa 1900. They were made for the Goodman's Enemy of the People in 2018.

Vintage Labels

Often times I am charged to re-create products from the past. Often times research will only yield an image of what the product looks like, at which point I have to recreate it in Photoshop to make a label that properly fits on the bottle or can or other.  If research isn't available, I get to make it up, as was the case with the business cards pictured, and the Sutherland Record Album.  For War Paint  in 2016 we had to re create over 1000 vintage labels, from beauty supplies to liquor labels to paperwork. Needless to say, my printer was very busy!


I don't consider myself much of a graphic designer, but occasionally I'll get a gig to make someone's poster. For shows that take place in a bar, it's sometimes easier to recreate beer posters on photoshop than to buy them. Food and liquor licenses also have to be created, since it's not possible to find authentic ones online. The bus sign is a recreation  of a mid 90's bus stop.

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