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Cad Bane from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This was a commission, and a bit tricky as I was aiming for a 'realistic' cartoon. I was also tasked with creating the breathing apparatus. I made it to house helmet fans that could blow fresh air directly into the mask through the hoses, ensuring my client could breathe easily, which is a rare treat for a heavy latex mask.

In 2018 Otherworld Theatre opened their own venue in Chicago. I made this Dragon for display in their lobby.  Check out my blog for a more comprehensive look on how this was made.

For Kosart Effects at C2E2 in 2018 I, along with Maddie, performed one of the make-up demonstrations on the showroom floor. We did the evil nun from The Conjuring movies. Our model had a lot of fun scaring people!

Just for the fun of it I want to build a series of goblin puppets. This is my first try at one of them. Next I'll have to work on the body.

These two were created for E.D.G.E of Orion Theatre's A Klingon Christmas Carol in 2017. They are the Klingon equivalent of Ignorance and Want. Since there was a limited budget and I only had two weeks to build them, I went with one sculpt. To distinguish the two, they had different paint jobs, different hair styles, different colored eyes, different eyebrows, and different placement of the teeth.

This was my first foray into prosthetic make-up; another project for the fun of it.

These were created for Otherworld Theatre's A Princess of Mars in 2016, which was a stage adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel of the same name. Again, due to a limited budget, it was one sculpt. Then I used a different paint job and different style tusks to differentiate the characters. The tusks were made from Free Form Air.

While teaching Mask Making at the Kosart Effects School, a student asked me which Star Wars alien I would most like to make. I said Sullustan, so naturally I then had to go home and make one.

I created this little guy as part of a demo during a Mask Making class I taught at Kosart Atelier. It has since become my mascot.

This was created for Emerald City Theatre's The BFG in 2014. Another company was handling all the puppets for the show except for the extra large BFG head. So, I was hired to make it in the style of the other puppets, which were paper mache. Rather than use paper mache, though, this large head was made from fiberglass to ensure it would last the run of the show. The head could swivel and the mouth could open, both functions re controlled by the actor. I also stitched the hat, tie, and shirt.

This was my first full body monster, created for Redleg Film's Growing Darkness in 2013, which was a low budget comedy about a little girl breaking up with the monster in her closet. I had to toe the line between a scary, yet funny monster. It worked, but I think I could do a much better job today. You can see the movie HERE.


Click on the image to view the full gallery.

Otherworld Theater, 2014. The navy flight suits were store bought, but the collar, vest, bracers and shins were custom made. The blue alien's doublet was also custom made. I also had the pleasure of creating the two aliens. The first was a simple half mask, and the second was a full. Her belt was made by casting the top part of the her mask. Low budget trickery! 

Otherworld Theatre, 2013. Most of this was pulled from my stock, though a few items were custom made for the show, including the Wizards purple vest, the Paladin's surcoat and pauldrons, and the large Dwarven hammer.

Riddlemark Theatre, 2007. This was done in collaboration with Barbara Staples. I did the chainmail and Arthur's scale armor, as well as aged the helmets. It was early in my career, before I understood the importance of taking as many pictures as you can.

Riddlemark Theatre, 2006. Another collaboration with Barbara Staples.

One of my favorite characters of all time is General Kael, from the movie Willow. I haven't been much of a cosplayer outside of making a couple of Star Wars kits, so when I decided to dive head first into C2E2's costume contest in 2017, Kael was first choice. I ended up grabbing the second place medal in the Armor Category. You can read more about how I made this costume in the Goblin Props Blog, as well as my quest to keep perfecting the costume.

Designing and painting Classic Trilogy X-Wing Helmets is my dream job. Here are a few that were featured in the fan film The Lost Patrol, which you can see HERE. I also built the X-wing and Y-wing cockpits for the movie. The rest of the helmets I painted for other fans, though I'm not the actual kit maker.

Y-Wing pilots were also featured in The Lost Patrol. Again, I am not the kit maker for the helmet, but I did design and paint them. 

Quality pictures of this costume weren't available until the Star Wars Costumes book came out in 2017. I remade my flak vest to be more screen accurate in preparation for Star Wars Celebration which was held in Chicago in 2019. Check out the Goblin Props Blog for the full story behind this vest.

This version of the Imperial Gunner, which I made for Halloween, isn't actually cannon, as the Imperial Gunners were never seen wearing black Officer's Armor. I essentially want to make a Combat Engineer version, based on my dad, who was a Combat Engineer in the Army. Oddly, I've seen this costume replicate by other cosplayers. I must have left an impression!

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