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Fine Art Sculptures

These sculptures were crested for the Goodman Theatre's production of War Paint in 2016. They were made as a part of Helena Rubenstein's fine art collection. The interior was carved foam, and Free Form Air was sculpted on for the details. The last sculpture was created specially for the Tony Awards, when they performed a scene from the show.


These icicles were made for the Goodman Theatre's A Christmas Carol in 2016. They were cast in Crystal Clear, a very toxic material. But, the results speak for themselves. The largest icicles were three feet long.

African Art

The first sculpture is from The Goodman Theatre's  Lottery Day  in 2018. It's actually a fake bong that releases water vapor, rigged by a colleague. I used Apoxie Sculpt over it to make it look like a wood carved bong. The mask and statue were made for the Goodman Theatre's Stop. Reset. in 2015. It was also made to look like carved wood. The advantage of clay is that the director could make notes during the process. 

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